Sunday, February 3, 2013

One Test, Two Test, Red Test, Blue Test

Sometimes tests come one right after the other and the rapid-fire trials seem never-ending. Other times, you feel like things have been going along so well, you forget what the hard times were like.

This week, I have four days of testing in a row (literally). I will be headed into Chicago at 6 am each morning to go through some more tests to try to find the cause of my nerve inflammation. Hopefully, I will get some answers in the next couple of weeks; maybe I will only get more questions.

It is easy at times like this to feel overwhelmed or feel sorry for myself. (I mean I REALLY don’t want to spend 4 days driving to Chicago being poked, prodded and scanned, but I have already told you that God gives me what I need not what I want).

I heard Valerie Shepherd, daughter of Elizabeth Elliot, speak at a mother-daughter conference last weekend. “Self-pity is a dead end street,” Elizabeth used to tell her daughter, and my how true.

Valerie also said this, “For this, I have Jesus.” Whatever you are going through, however many tests and trials you face, God is sufficient. Whatever the situation, you have Jesus.

This week is going to be challenging, but “For this, I have Jesus.”

Have a great day and enjoy the super bowl J

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