Monday, February 11, 2013

Hospital Gowns and the Righteousness of Christ

I have had my share of doctor’s appointments, tests and ER visits. One thing that never changes is the fact that I don’t like putting on hospital gowns. No matter how many times I wear one, I still feel exposed. Do you know the feeling? Sitting there constantly checking that you are fully covered. Feeling vulnerable, insecure and self-conscience.

Many times I have been asked to go into the women’s locker room area of a hospital radiology department and put on a gown, then go sit in the separate waiting area until my name is called. You walk towards the waiting area, checking and rechecking that you are fully covered. You pull, yank, and adjust the gown as you sit and check again that the slightest movement didn’t uncover your most private areas.  Each person sits in the waiting area, no one speaks, no one makes much eye contact, everyone clutching their gown as if their life depended on it, and yet no feeling of security is to be found.

Romans 13:14 tells us to “put on the Lord Jesus Christ” and Philippians 3:9 states that we are clothed in Christ’s righteousness, not our own. When we have genuine faith in Christ as Lord, we are clothed in His righteousness. Unlike the hospital gown, His righteousness does not leave us exposed. God looks at us, and instead of our sinfulness and filthy rags, He sees the righteousness of Christ. We do not need to feel insecure and vulnerable. We can sit in the “waiting room” of this life fully assured that when our name is called, we can stand before God on judgment day fully covered.

Are you “fully clothed” in Christ’s righteousness, or are you constantly grasping at a thin gown to try and cover yourself?  

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  1. Yet I still check to see if I am covered! Well written and great analogy.