Sunday, February 10, 2013

Choose Your Own Ending

When my kids were younger, they loved those mystery books where you choose your own ending. They got hours of enjoyment out of them, since the story could be different every time. On this Lord’s day, I decided, in an effort to get some of my readers commenting, I would try a similar thing. (I know somebody is reading, so won’t you leave a comment below? It’s easy!)

My husband and I are spending the day in Iowa visiting a sister church, and hopefully getting to meet some new brothers and sisters in Christ, while encourage a friend of ours who pastors there.

Do you have any special plans today? How does your family spend the Lord ’s Day? What is your favorite part of the day? Now is the chance to “write your own ending” to my blog!

Today, I am going to....

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  1. Well, my Lords day was kind of messed up. After the snow storm here in the northeast, our driveway is a mess and the car was stuck this morning so we were not able to go to church as planned. Hopefully I can make it to my Christ Care group in the morning.
    I am a new writer also, it is not easy getting comments. Maybe together we can help each other and others trying to get exposure. We are all here to help our fellow Christians and lost souls by spreading the Word of God and love of Christ through our writing.
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