Saturday, February 2, 2013

Does This Excuse Make My BUT Look Big?

There are those things you should do, you would do, if only…(fill in the blank). You know what I am talking about!
I would serve at church… BUT…my week is so hectic; I just need time to relax.
I would give more…BUT…we never seem to have any extra money after we go out.
I would forgive…BUT…that person hasn’t repented, and she should ask for my forgiveness.
I would go…BUT…I am no missionary, besides, I am so busy.
I would teach…BUT…that is really not my thing.

I am thankful Jesus didn’t make excuses like we so frequently do. Is there someone you should go help, somewhere you should go serve, BUT you haven’t done it yet? This week, take a little time out of your busy schedule to serve someone else. Maybe it is time to stop and ask yourself, “how big is my BUT”?

What excuse do you have?

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