Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What is "Good"?

How do you define ‘good”? How does God define “good”? They are not frequently defined in the same way.

Four years ago next month, I would not have chosen for another driver to rear-end my car on the expressway causing me even more pain from the back and neck issues that I already had, and were made worse that day. That one event was the just the beginning in a long string of events that would forever change my life. Being in that accident sent me to a new doctor, who sent me to Northwestern Hospital, where they found the 5 ½-inch long nerve tumor in my abdomen. That tumor was very close to my spine, and if I had not gotten in that accident, by the time doctors discovered it, I may have been unable to walk at all. The car accident turned out to be a good thing.

The greater good was done in my heart. God took a stubborn (my doctor says he prefers to call me tenacious), independent woman, and brought her to a place where I could no longer take care of everything myself. In doing that, He has given me such peace, and has strengthened me each day. He has used me in ways I never dreamed possible, and wouldn't have been possible if I had my will be done, and not His. He has humbled me and exalted Himself; just as it should be.

I look back now and I have nothing but gratitude for that day. I had been struggling with symptoms of numbness and with having my knee buckle when I walked for over four years before the accident. Doctors could find nothing wrong and one told me I should see a psychiatrist. I gave up finding the answer and learned to live with it. When that accident occurred, I had not mentioned this issue to a doctor in almost two years. God, who is rich in mercy, allowed me to go through the accident to get me to a place I needed to be. Although today I walk wearing a full-length leg brace and will for the rest of my life, I am pleased to have had God’s loving hand guiding my every step through this long and difficult journey.

So, I say the car accident was “good”. What do you say?

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