Monday, January 21, 2013

Poked, Prodded and Scanned, Oh My!

Each December I plot my New Year’s resolution. Each December I actually plot out the exact same resolution; year after year. (quit snickering Chad!) I haven’t kept it yet, but try and try I must. My resolution has been this: I resolve to NOT meet our maximum out-of-pocket expense from our health insurance this year. Alas, I have failed again.

To give you an idea of what my January looks like, I will summarize. As of right now, I have had or will have:
4 doctor’s appointments
3 MRIs
1 Spinal Tap
1 Colonoscopy
An ultrasound
And my yearly mammogram (This is very important! My mother died from breast cancer, so please go get checked!)

You may think this sounds daunting and overwhelming, but for me it is normal. (For more information about my past health issues please read the two posts entitled “My Story” Part 1 here and Part 2 here).

Currently doctors are perplexed again. My newest issue involves both of my feet being numb. I am talking so numb I can’t really feel them when walking or driving. (Yes, let this be a warning to you. DO NOT drive closely behind my car, as I frequently make abrupt stops not realizing how hard I am pressing the brake pedal. I am hopeful that I will not add broken nose to my list of diagnoses!)

My job has become being a patient; which has made me more patient. I have learned to enjoy my time spent in MRI machines and waiting rooms and long car drives. It is a distraction-free time to spend with the Lord in prayer, and with His Word. I have also found the waiting rooms to be an untouched mission field. I have met many scared, worried, and despairing souls in waiting rooms. I tend to be pretty introverted, but have tried hard to notice these hurting people. I have found that many are bursting to be heard. (People love to talk about themselves, so I let them.) I listen, and then I share about God’s amazing grace in my own life.

Every one of you will be in a doctor’s waiting room at some point, granted maybe less frequently than I. Will you sit and bury your nose in a celebrity gossip magazine (I have been guilty of this as well), or maybe you will be that one patient that is loudly complaining to the young lady behind the front counter about how long your wait is and how valuable your time is? (By the way, it isn't her fault.) Maybe you can be the one that strikes up a conversation with a fellow patient, and pray that it leads to you sharing your faith with the lost and broken?

Do you have any waiting room stories to share? We would love to read about them.

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