Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Unexpected Events

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball. Many of you know that I went to visit a good friend in Virginia last week. The day before I left to return home (Saturday) I woke up with some blistering on my left leg. I decided to go to urgent care since I can't feel that leg, and was on immunosuppressants, and I didn't know what caused it. Turns out it was cellulitis (infection of the deeper layers of skin), due to the Prednisone weakening my immune system. So I started on an antibiotic.

Sunday morning I got up early and packed up to head to the OPC church about 3 hours from where I was staying, to visit another friend on my way home. We had a nice visit and lunch. I started not feeling so well following the meal. After getting back on the road, I was feeling even worse-dizzy, headache, and felt pressure in my chest. I stopped at a CVS, and while there I decided to take my blood pressure, which was 175/110. I asked the pharmacist for directions to the local ER (My hubby is not happy that I did not call 911, but I did have the foresight not use cruise control just in case I should pass out and the car would keep going). I ended up being admitted and having a bunch of testing. My heart is basically healthy, the high blood pressure is also a side effect of the Prednisone  which I AM HAPPY TO REPORT--I officially finished as of yesterday! (unfortunately, it can take a couple of months for the side effects to subside.)

As God would have it, I stayed in the hospital near the church I visited, so the new friends I had lunch with, were able to stop in and sit with me, and the local pastor came and prayed with us too. I love the way the body of Christ works. No matter where we travel, we are not outside of God's control. He orchestrated every detail so that people at a sister church would be there to help out, got Chad out to Virginia to drive home with me, and even provided Christians on the hospital staff that prayed with me. We may not know each other and live miles apart, but we are all united in Christ.

In my morning reading today, the commentary on Exodus chapter 2 said, "There are no accidents or chance happenings in a world presided over by the living God. There are times when everything appears to be going wrong for us but, despite everything, God is working out His purposes." How true and how comforting! I obviously would not have expected or planned for the ending I had to my vacation, but how amazed I continue to be by God's grace. My friendship has been deepened with those who came to my aid in Charlottesville. My faith has been strengthened by the outpouring of love from the body of Christ. God has continued to strengthen me, and for that I am utterly grateful. Once again I am humbled and in awe of how amazing our God is!

So, as an update for everyone, I am following up with my family doctor on Friday afternoon. I was told I should see a cardiologist, so I will see if he would like to refer me to one. My follow up with the neurologist was yesterday, and I am currently waiting to see if the insurance is going to cover the medication that he would like me on long term. Please pray that this process may be quick and be approved. I do know that God is ultimately in control of this as well, and am willing to accept whatever He has in store. I continue to pray that His will would be done and not mine, and that He would continue to enable me to deal with all that I am going through. I couldn't do this without Him. I am thankful for all my faithful friends who regularly pray for me. You are so truly appreciated!!

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