Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Letting Pain Be Our Guide

If you have ever been sick, or injured or have dealt with any physical ailment, like me, you have probably had a conversation with your doctor about what activities are safe to do. I have had this discussion multiple times in an effort to determine which activities are safe and which will bring more pain or damage. Almost without exception I hear these words, "Let pain be your guide." As I was pondering those words this morning, I decided this was much better advice than I first thought.

All of us, as fallen human beings, know the pain this life brings. Sometimes it is a literal, physical pain; other times, it is more subtle- the pain of rejection, heartbreak, grief, disappointment, bitterness. Pain reminds us that we are mortal. Pain tells us we are weak and frail. Pain screams to us that this life is temporary. Pain constantly whispers in our ear that there are consequences, both physical and emotional, that this sinful world brings. Pain points us to that Future Hope that is without pain.

We cannot escape pain in this world, but we can learn to let it be our guide. Let pain guide you to the cross. Let pain guide you to your knees in prayer. Let pain guide you to the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, for He alone can bring true relief.

Are you letting pain be your guide, or are you still ignoring it?

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