Thursday, February 21, 2013

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About a month ago I thought about writing some information for patients. So, I sat down in a moment of inspiration, and wrote a short booklet for people who aren’t as familiar with the inside of a doctor’s office as I am. This idea was spurred on by my experience with my mother, hearing other people’s stories, and observing behavior in waiting rooms. My mother approached the relationship with her doctor in much the same way a person approaches a marriage- “I shouldn’t have to tell him, he should know.” When it comes to your health, there is not a more dangerous assertion. My mom failed to mention important details to her doctor because “He didn’t ask” or didn’t tell him her other doctor started her on a new medicine because she felt he should talk to the other doctor if he wanted to know. This is like playing a game of Russian roulette! My booklet covers issues like this and why you need to be your own advocate to get the best healthcare.

Seeing a doctor can be a stressful event. I think the stress level could be reduced some by just being prepared better beforehand on what to expect. I see so many patients get frustrated at long wait times, not having the right paperwork, and being at the wrong office on the wrong day or time. Now, I am a planner and like to research, so it should come as no surprise that I think being well prepared in advance can be a huge benefit!

During all the time I have spent in doctor’s offices, I realized very few patients really understand how to navigate the medical system. This is a primer on how to find a doctor, when to seek a specialist, basic terminology, and similar topics. If you are a “professional patient”, like me, you probably already know all this stuff, but my eBook is free through Saturday on Amazon.

For those of you who are interested-download a copy for yourself now! If you read it (and think it ain’t half-bad), please leave a review on Amazon—be kind!  J  

It is a short booklet and easy to read! Plus it is FREE! Enjoy!

Have a blessed (and healthy) day!

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